SID data 21st November 2023Drighlington has 3 Speed Indication Devices (SIDs).

One of these is permanently located on Whitehall Rd near Lumb Hall Way and tracks the speed of vehicles as they enter the village and leave heading towards New Farnley.

The other 2 devices are moved every 3 months to different areas in the village that have been identified as ‘hot spots’. The rotation schedule for 2022 can be found below.


Data for the devices will be published every 3 months below, this includes:

  • the average speed tracked by all drivers (Vd)
  • the percentage of drivers exceeding the limit (speed violations)
  • the maximum speed captured by the device (Vmax)
  • the speed that 85% of drivers were travelling at or below (85th percentile) (V85)
  • The data is tracked and stored and the results are in MPH.

SID data Jan and Feb

SID data March and April

SID data May and June

SID data July and August Data for the device at the bottom of Oakwell Rd is not available due to issues with downloading the data.

Sept and Oct SID data

April to June 2020 SID data

June to September 2020 SID data

SID Data from 1st October to 1st December 2020

SID Data – 2nd December to 17th February 2021

SID Data – 18th February to 21st May 2021 – data for Whitehall Road is not shown due to issues with downloading the data

SID results Sept 2021

SID results Dec 2021

DPC – SID data extract 21st March 2022

SID data May to July 2022

SID results July to Sept 2022

SID Results – November to January 2023

SID Data – Jan to Mar 2023

SID Data to 17th July 2023

SID DATA to 11th Sept 2023

SID results 16th Oct 2023

SID results 21st November 2023

SID results 26th Jan 2024

SID Data 18th March 2024

SID Data 20th May 2024

Whitehall Road – Full Data – 20th May 2024

King Street – Full Data – 20th May 2024

JAN 2024 – SID on station road has been removed for repairing and SID located on Kings Street not displaying speed although data is been collected. This will also need to be removed and sent to the manufacturer.

If you have any questions about the SIDs or wish to put forward a new location for consideration in the 2022 rotation please email