Community Organisation Small Grants

Drighlington Parish Council sets aside a percentage of the precept each year to make small grants to local community organisations based in the village.

Grants are available up to £300, however, in order to allow more community organisations to benefit, the Parish Council has the discretion to approve a lower amount that the one applied for which would allow the money set aside to go a little further.


  • Applications for grants will be submitted on the appropriate application form.
  • Applications will be considered at meetings of the Parish Council.

General criteria – to be applied to all applications:

  • The application must relate to some specific item of capital expenditure or project, and not to any regular item, or maintenance, or other revenue item such as utility or staffing costs.
  • The purpose for which the grant is requested must be in the interests of Drighlington Parish, or any part of it; or all, or some of the inhabitants of Drighlington Parish. Drighlington Parish is defined by the boundaries of the Parish.
  • The benefit to the area or inhabitants must be commensurate with the expenditure.
  • Groups or organisations within the area of the Parish may apply; those outside the Parish who can demonstrate direct benefit to the Parish, may be eligible to apply for consideration.
  • No financial assistance can be given to individuals under this scheme.
  • No grant will be payable to, or for, any commercial venture or for private gain.
  • Retrospective applications will not be funded i.e. where the expenditure on the project has been carried out or the event has taken place.

Any previous grant made to a group or organisation may be considered when considering a new application, with applications not invited within 3 years of a previous successful grant application.

Preference is usually given to projects which can be completed within one year of the funding being awarded.

Each application will be considered fairly on its merit and the amount of the grant will be at the discretion of the Parish Council.

On approval, the applicant must agree in providing a report for Drighlington Parish Council Annual Meeting.

On approval, the applicant must provide receipts/proof of the agreed funding items, this to be sent before the end of the financial year otherwise funding must be returned to Drighlington Parish Council.

If you would like to apply for a grant please print and complete the form below and send to

Grant Application FormGrant-Application-Form.pdfFile size: [178.35 KB] Grant Application FormGrant-Application-Form.docFile size: [549.50 KB]

Community Organisation Large Grants

The Parish Council will consider large grants exceeding £300.00. Further information is coming soon.